Sunday, 2 January 2011

Welcome, Welcome

Evening All
My name is Sarah and I am relatively new to both blogging and crafting, but as I really want to make lots of gifts during 2011, I don't think there is a better way of keeping track of all I do then to publish it here.  I am not really sure what else to put as my first post, but maybe you would like to know a little about me; I am 27 and live with an amazing man who I have the pleasure of being able to call my husband.  He listens to me drone (in his view) on and on about all craft and then spends time looking interested when I show him my "makes".  I live in a town called Arundel, in Sussex and have a dedicated craft room, well I do now, although a trip to Ikea is needed to kit it out properly :-).  I don't have any kids so I am lucky enough to be able to craft when I want really.
So I hope this blog does not bore you and cause you to drop of at the thought of visiting.  Thank you for getting this far and I look forward to "showcasing" my makes with you all.

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