Sunday, 23 January 2011

Baby Boy Card

This card was made as a request with the Nappy Cake which on the flecce has a giraffe and thought I would follow the theme on.  I used a digital stamp from here
I really like this card as I didnt want to put a picture of the usual new baby cards but its still cute.

Another Tinkerbell Card

After seeing my first Tinkerbell card I was asked to make a duplicate for someone, there is hardly any difference but hey it means another post from me lol.  I do prefer this one though, I felt more in control of what I was doing and not just throwing things together lol

Baby Boy Nappy Cake

Here we go again, just updating with some more makes over the weekend.  I am still getting to grips with having a blog and I am not quite sure what you will find interesting or boring to be honest so whilst I am still new to blogging and craft I will just let the pictures do the talking :-)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tinkerbell Card

I am sorry my posts just seem to be when I am posting pictures about my makes but things are really busy right now.  I jut thought I would add another card I made for another of my nieces.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thank You Card

I wanted to make a card for a special someone who helped me set up my sewing machine so I made the following up after work.  
The stamp is a Sarah Kay - Friends Forever (I think)
The background was printed from here
The thank you stamp was part of a set I had a while back
The ribbon was from The Works and part of a set of 5
The Flowers were from here
I cut out the scalloped circle using necessabilites
I hope you like it

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Slip Phone Case - My first sewing machine experiment

Evening All
Well the title says it all really and I promised I would post my first make so here it is, but as promised, no laughing please.
Honest opinions are welcomed :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Learning to Sew

Well for my Birthday last year I was very lucky to get a basic sewing machine but I hadn't touched one since school and even then I wasn't paying any attention, but a friend today has given me a bit of a lesson, so I am now all set to get some practice in.  Not sure what my first make will be but I have promised my mum a peg bag so I must find a simple template for one and do that I suppose and if its wonky that's all part of its character :) Once made I will post pics but as long as you all promise not to laugh lol.
I have found this one I really like but just worried a little about the edge on the circle, is this easy to do?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Girlie Card

Good Morning All
Well this morning after sorting my craft room with labels so I know what is where I got stuck into making a card and this is what I came up with, I was adamant on using the stamp because its called Queen Charlotte and the card is for my niece called Charlotte :-)  I just hope it looks okay and not too boring lol.
The stamp is from Whiff of Joy, the Card was from some stock I already had, the Ribbon is from The Range (See post below regarding purchases) and the butterfly and Happy Birthday stickers were free with a magazine.
I hope you like it 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Free Swatches

I ordered a few fabric swatches just after Christmas and this is what has arrived.  I am quite happy with these. 


Well I have been out this morning buying some new bits and pieces, so I thought I would share 
These are items bought from The Range 

These are items from Hobbycraft - including the much wanted spellbinders :)

These are items from Ebay

These stamps (getting ready for Christmas) were from Handy Hippo (I think that's the name of the store)

Some buttons from The Eternal Maker

Oh how the hubby is going to laugh when he sees the bank balance.........not.  Oh well will just have to go with the "At least I wont be paying for cards this year" line.
I can see this afternoon/evening being a craft session.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Car Birthday Cards

I have my brother in laws birthday coming up and I have been struggling to come up with something he may like using the limited bits and pieces I have, which one of these do you think is best?

Flowery Notice Board (Christmas 2010)

This is one I made for my lovely Niece, and was the first one I had ever made.

Giraffe Lattice Notice Board (Christmas 2010)

A lattice notice board I made for my Giraffe loving aunt/godmother.  I actually made two of these and then use satin ribbon to hang them together, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it like that.

Pots of Gold (Christmas 2010)

So here we are Pots of Gold, I made 7 in total.

Welcome, Welcome

Evening All
My name is Sarah and I am relatively new to both blogging and crafting, but as I really want to make lots of gifts during 2011, I don't think there is a better way of keeping track of all I do then to publish it here.  I am not really sure what else to put as my first post, but maybe you would like to know a little about me; I am 27 and live with an amazing man who I have the pleasure of being able to call my husband.  He listens to me drone (in his view) on and on about all craft and then spends time looking interested when I show him my "makes".  I live in a town called Arundel, in Sussex and have a dedicated craft room, well I do now, although a trip to Ikea is needed to kit it out properly :-).  I don't have any kids so I am lucky enough to be able to craft when I want really.
So I hope this blog does not bore you and cause you to drop of at the thought of visiting.  Thank you for getting this far and I look forward to "showcasing" my makes with you all.